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                                     27 yr-old, from US  


Gynecomastia Surgery, Abdominal Liposuction and Hair Transplant

I am writing this review 2 weeks after my procedure. i had multiple procedures done by Dr. Turker Ozyigit, needless to say that i am quite happy with the results so far. The communication was professional right from the start, everything was coordinated over emails and I was picked up from the airport on time by Didem Ozyigit on the day of my arrival. i was taken to the clinic to have my initial consultation. i had a very detailed discussion with Dr. Ozyigit and I found him to be extremely courteous and friendly. all of my questions were answered appropriately. i had gynecomastia surgery, abdominal liposuction and hair transplant all in 4 days with 3 days of recovery. I feel the job that he's did is comparable with the work of best surgeons from around the world and all that was provided with a cost that was considerably lower than what i would've paid in USA. His work speaks volumes on how skillful of a surgeon he really is. Being a medical student myself and having a first hand experience in working with surgeons in USA, I can say this with utmost confidence that i found Dr. Turker to be a better surgeon that most of the surgeons that i have worked with in the past.


I have assisted in countless surgeries in different hospitals in USA as a med student. He is well versed in his profession and i noticed that he is always trying to better his abilities by actively participating in research and teaching related to his field. Immediately Post op, I had access to Dr. Turker and miss Didem 24/7 till the day i left Turkey. they visited me multiple times each day at my hotel after my procedure and monitored my recovery very closely. i sincerely felt that they provided me with the highest level of medical care possible. they were there to answer all the questions that i had plus more so, they showed compassion and moral support. I have returned to US and have resumed my daily life, i am still in touch with Dr. Turker and he continues to monitor my progress and is easily accessible via phone or email. Ms. Didem Ozyigit also is an amazing person, she is very helpful and accommodating. she even assisted me when i wanted to go sightseeing. In the end, i just want to say that i had my reservations about going abroad for my procedures but Dr. Turker's team made me feel welcome and in the end i am quite satisfied with the overall experience.

Mohammad, Jan 2014

32 yr-old, from Turkey


I was facing hairloss since my very young age as my uncles. I was planning to make a hair transplantation and searched a lot for the best clinic. I met my surgeon and trusted him to make my surgery with him. I am so happy with the outcome now, like not having lost my hair ever. Thank you all the team. Regards, A.G.

29 yr-old, from UK


Very appreciated with the current look and kebabs were outstanding!. Thank you!

Take care, A.C..

31 yr-old, from Macedonia


Thank you guys. It is perfect, like never had those bald times. I am very happy and refer my friends to you. you have a friend in Macedonia. C.E.

48 yr-old, from Kosova  


Thank you for everything. I was thinking about hair restoration for years but cannot trust any clinic as I see many unsuccessful outcomes. I am 48 years old and I am very happy with my appearance now showing my own age.  All team and my surgeon were perfect. I was in comfort all through the surgery. My surgeon followed up the healing after I left Istanbul which was also great.

Thank you & Regards. M.A.

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