Step by Step FUE 
Where Ultra-Refined Grafting differs from Standard FUE Method...

1. Physical Examination 


Before performing your hair transplant, your surgeon will review several important concerns during your physical consultation:


  • Is your general health good?

  • Do you have any bleeding or healing disorders?

  • Your age and degree of hair loss

  • The quality and quantity of your donor hair

  • What is your expectations of the surgery?


These are some of the most important points in deciding whether someone is a suitable candidate for hair transplantation.




















3. Donor Area Preparation


After the physical examination and the design of the hairline, next is the the donor area preparation.


According to the patient's expectations and/or desires, either all the head is trimmed or just the hair in the back is lifted and an adequate strip of hair is trimmed according to the needed number of grafts. The hair from above will cover the area in this method. At this second alternative approach, the grafts extracted will be limited and can never be the same like in trimming the whole hair. It cannot be a case if there needs to be large number of grafts taken from the donor area. This should be explained to the patient very carefully.


The back of the scalp is then anesthetized. This is usually the only discomfort you will feel during the procedure, and lasts only one or two minutes for 2-3 times in the whole surgery.



















5. Preparation of Recipient Area


The next step is to prepare the surface that will receive the hair.


In standard FUE Surgery, the incisions are made with a tiny surgical blade which makes less than 1mm cuts over the skin. This step takes 1 hour.


























What about "YOU" during the surgery?


During the entire procedure you will be alert; listenning music, maybe entertaining with your tablet, sleeping and chatting with the doctor and staff.


Procedure time is usually between 6 to 10 hours and you may eat or drink quick and soft meals/drinks during the procedure.


When your hair transplant has been completed, you will leave the office with a bandage. The first night may be somehow discomfortable as you will be sleeping over your donor area had a trauma in the surgery but this will be mostly psycological more than physical. 


You will be provided with post-operative instructions, medicines and shampoo. Your hair will be shampood the next day or the following according to your surgeon's plan for your special case.



2. Design of the Hairline


The first step in the hair transplant process is the design of the hairline. The surgeon will sketch a suggestion for placement of the hairline. You are encouraged to participate in this decision process as you are the one who will live with your new look after the surgery.


Please always remember that we are all limited to your own hair in your donor area so your surgeon will be informing you of the number of grafts your donor area can give and how much of the bald area that can cover with the surgery. This may not match your expectations in total but you will be informed of how you can look after the surgery with the possible number of grafts and whether another surgery can be performed again to match your expected appearance.























4. Extraction of Hair Follicles


The surgeon next creates the sites where the grafts will be placed. Tiny incisions are made at the hairline for the smallest 1 to 3 hair grafts. As the surgeon works back he will place gradually larger grafts containing Follicular Unit Groups. This allows your surgeon to accomplish more density without sacrificing naturalness.


In FUE technique, the skin is cut using a surgical instrument named high-speed micro-motor that makes small circular cuts. Cuts are carefully made so that one unit of follicle can be taken around each hair follicle. The marked hair follicle is taken out, along with the tissues which surround it and then it is chilled until it is re-rooted in its new location. Depending on how many follicles are involved, follicle collection session can take 1-2 hours, perhaps even longer in extreme cases in mega-sessions.



















6. Transplantation of Hair Follicles


The follicles are placed inside of small incisions on the patient's head. This step takes 3-6 hours. 


After healing, the tiny cuts in standard FUE can be visible if your hair is cut too short. Therefore surgeons advise not to cut your hair too short after standard FUE surgeries. 


In Ultra-refined grafting surgery, the incisions are made with a very tiny needle like the one you have antibiotics into your body. As in that situation, a needle cannot leave a trace in your head as it doesn't leave after an antibiotic injection. So that after ultra-refined grafting method, noone can realize that you had a hair transplantation even you trim all hair. This is the most important difference of both techniques.

















Post-operative Days, Months and...


Most patients resume normal activity in a day or two. Tiny crusts will form where the transplants have been placed and usually shed in 6 to 10 days.



The small hairs in the newly transplanted grafts normally shed within 2 to 4 weeks after the procedure, and permanent hair growth begins in 8 to 12 weeks. You should expect significant cosmetic hair growth with in 6 months and full hair growth within 9 to 12 months.


Most patients can be satisfied with one or two procedures to treat a specific area of hair loss. If further hair loss occurs additional procedures or medical make-up to complete the full coverage may be required.





  • Hair transplants are surgical operations that should only be carried out by plastic surgeons and an experienced team of support staff.


  • The most productive session possible involves taking 3500-4500 follicles. Science has demonstrated that it is not acceptable to take more than this. No more than 25% of the donor area may be considered for use during the planning session. The patient's comfort and health must be taken into consideration and session must be properly planned by an expert plastic surgeon, otherwise the patient is at risk of complications, poor post-operative outcomes, or excess strain on the body due to prolonged exposure to local anaesthetic.


  • It is very important to plan a natural-looking new hairline to fill in the hairless area.


  • High quality outcomes are possible for patients who have a well-planned surgery with an experienced plastic surgery team led by an expert plastic surgeon.

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